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T2 in the A2

Yesterday was my first campaign event.  It went pretty well, I think, aside from the following:

  • Drove to venue with candidate and campaign manager in a stick-shift Saab hatchback.  No, really.
  • Had to take candidate’s vehicle (Chevy Equinox) to pick up a guest, who was kind of hilarious and old and liked to act like he was espousing some great wisdom on to me.  He was like, “This isn’t your car, is it?  This is too big a car for a young lady…” and then proceeded to ask if I had a boyfriend or husband (“not currently”) and how I should “…find one, and take him to Europe and relax there.”  Andrew later encouraged me that this is potentially the greatest pickup line ever.
  • Drove home with my favorite coworkers in the candidate’s vehicle.  We stopped at a 24-hour diner with the best Greek chicken pita I’ve had in a long time.

Anyway… ‘twas lovely.  I got to sleep in today, which is super-exciting and also sad, because being excited about working 8 hours instead of 12 is kind of not the norm.  But alas.  Campaigns.

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