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Dream Post

Last night’s hilariously weird dream involved me going to a film festival.  I think I was like… in a movie?  Or something?  Anyway, so I’m at this film festival, and hanging out with awesome people, and then we got locked in this large department store akin to like, Meijer or Target or something.  And we were like, “This is boring.”  So we started having a Hunger Games-esque battle, except instead of killing each other we had Nerf weapons and observed the honor system that if you got hit you were out.

Yep.  Anyway, I think I made it to final four, but I don’t remember who else was in the final four except Daniel Day-Lewis and maybe Emma Thompson?  Obviously DanDayLew probably won, let’s not kid ourselves here, but sadly I woke up as he was chasing me through the cosmetics section.

Subconscious strikes again.

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So… the consensus is that “The Hunger Games” was good, right?  I thought it was pretty accurate.  Absolutely HAAAATED the directing style, which was basically just like, “MEGA CLOSE UP!  SMASH CUT!  MEGA CLOSE-UP!  MORE SMASH CUT!” but it got better later in the film, which is good because I kind of got a headache from it for a while.  But yeah.  Hunger Games, guys.  It was good.  Stanley Tucci was a God, of course, as expected.  Also, the creepy kid from American Beauty got older!  And beardy!  And…still creepy!

The trailer for “Snow White and the Huntsman” is so unintentionally funny to me.

Also, I totally just had a dream that Marc Maron won a Nobel Peace Prize.  I don’t even know anymore.

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