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The Great West Wing Rewatch

Ok, so I know I planned to do this over break (I did not actually do this over break), but I somehow coerced D into joining me since and I’m pretty sure she’s a convert.  

We have since watched 12 episodes in three days and are almost done with season one and I feel like my mind is pleasantly saturated with brilliant political dialog and my general love for that cast, because they might be the most flawless cast ever.  Ever.  Literally, ever.

Ugh, but the Josh/Sam/Toby dynamic kills me because they’re all so darling and C.J. is still my hero and I just want Bartlet and Leo to be my cool uncles or something.  Or for the Bartlet administration to be real.  Because seriously… they do business.

Real politics should be more like West Wing politics.  And I say this as someone who considers themselves a student of both.

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