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Yesterday I made J-Rae a PowerPoint about why she should go see Phish with me this weekend.  Her e-mail response:

"This is a very impressive persuasion packet for your Phish Campaign.  I would say it turned me from a solid 4-leaning 5 into a hard 2.  I will let you know for sure after I check the funds."

Moral:  Sometimes campaign life bleeds into real life, but if anything, it teaches you how to perfect the art of the hard ask.

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The Morning After

EXPECTATION:  ”Oh so you work on campaigns?  You probably went to some bangin’ victory party and celebrated hard with everyone!  There were probably victory shots and victory drinks and you may or may not have woke up in a precarious situation!”

REALITY:  ”Victory party happened.  We had time for one beer before everyone left, and then we went to get calzones and watch Obama. Then we all went home and passed out, because campaigning is hard work.”

But really… I am EXCEPTIONALLY proud of my President this morning.  I’m also really proud and excited for all my friends who won.  We unfortunately lost by 6%, but were projected of losing by up to 12% in a poll that was done two weeks ago.  We climbed back from that, and though I wish things had gone better for us, I’ll take my 6 and be pleased.

And now, I pack and drive home.

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It’s 8:30 a.m. on E-Day

I have been up since 6 fielding calls from my candidate and various union representatives because my CM apparently did not go put up signs.

He is also not answering our calls.  Because lawl.

Well… if I’ve learned anything from this, it’s how NOT to act when I’m a CM.  So inappropriate and irresponsible.  I want to cry and I’m so stressed, but candidate and his wife are bringing me breakfast and coffee and I’m going to write our win/lose press releases and I’m going to DO MY FUCKING JOB.

But really, go vote today, please.  Everyone.

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You know we’re going a little crazy when we’re playing soccer in the office on a break from calls.

BUT… we’re on the home stretch.  In 26 hours, polls will close here.  And then I am off to someone else’s victory party (because there is no hope for us) and then the next day I am GOING HOME.

But in all seriousness, do please remember to vote tomorrow if you haven’t already.  It’s very important.

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Today was day one of GOTV.

I think I officially went crazy around noon, when I sent my CM an email with subject line, “COME ON VAMINOS, EVERYBODY LET’S GO!”

But… we have two more days.  I think I’m going to try to not do laundry as we are apparently being kicked out of our living situation on the 7th.  Which is fine, because that means I can do ALL THE LAUNDRY in Michigan for freesies and still have enough time to pack cute things for my weekend of fun/Fun Bender/Aimee Mann and Ted Leo show.

Two more days of the crazy, and I’m done.  Feels good.  And there is apparently open bar at the victory party.  Success.

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My CM is out sick today because he apparently has a fever…



I’m just done.  Mentally and physically.  I want this to fly by.  I want to go home and hopefully get a job with responsible people who actually care about what they’re doing.  I had that on my last race, and I expected it here, but apparently I shouldn’t have.  Good riddance.

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Starting at 10 a.m. this morning, I have been doing nothing except labeling and sealing envelopes.  First, with address labels.  Then with return address labels.  Now I’m sealing.

I basically want to die.  What a waste of time.  We have 8 days, and we’re spending an entire day LABELING!?  Hale naw.

I have been listening to Les Mis, though.  24601 indeed.  I am Jean Valjean.  These letters are my prison. 

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