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In accordance with last night’s post…

I’m not sick!

I may or may not have watched “The Thick of It” until I fell asleep, which MAY OR MAY NOT have led to weird dreams.  Do NOT judge me.

Laundry will probably not get done today, as I remembered that since I’m not in Eastern time anymore, the Emmys will start at seven.  Thus I will RUSH HOME from calltime and hopefully be there in time to see Denis O’Hare be triumphant.  Or something like that.

Oh, and I’m wearing matching socks.

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That time I had to go to a Tea Party rally:

Because that is what I did with my night.  I was supposed to be tracking a candidate (like, taking video of his remarks) but he didn’t end up showing.  So I stayed anyway for the hilarity.

I mean, first of all, why send me?  I have a TON of liberal/progressive stickers on my car.  To remedy this, I ended up parking on the street and running up to the building. I also left early, just in case, because a Camry with Michigan plates in the middle of an Illinois tea party rally isn’t suspicious enough already.

Anyway, there was a whole cast of characters!

  • ConLaw:  ConLaw was this woman who seemed to have taken like, two Constitutional law classes, thus assuming she knew EVERYTHING about Constitutional theory.  She actually got bitched out by one of the speakers, which was glorious.  BONUS:  She was wearing a swimsuit with shorts.  Like… a once-piece swimsuit with elastic stretchy shorts over the bottom half.
  • Frito Dip:  Frito Dip was the dude sitting next to me, who alternated between eating a bag of Fritos and using chewing tobacco.
  • The T-Shirt:  This dude just had this giant shirt that had an eagle and said “PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION” on it.  He was charming.
  • Cell Phone Lady:  She was sitting in the front, but ConLaw’s phone kept going off, and she would turn around and give her the MEANEST look every time.  Why she didn’t turn off her phone is beyond me, but it was totally worth it to see this lady freak out.
  • Tea Party Tim Geithner:  Homeboy looked like an older Tim Geithner.  But like… a tea party version.  I actually felt kind of bad for him, but only probably because of my weird crush on actual-Tim Geithner (no judgment).  

So anyway, basically, I don’t feel like this experience was totally a waste of time, as I now have material to use for a scatching, David Sedaris-esque essay collection about how crazy campaign life is.  Oh, life.

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Debate 2

My heart was beating like a hummingbird.  Pure adrenaline.  And I was only in the green room.  Debates are intense.

No but seriously, I am SO PROUD of my candidate and his ability to keep his cool and stay on the offensive while still offering up substantive and thorough answers for what he plans to do.  He’s got the goods, for sure.  I just hope everyone else sees that.

And seriously, I feel like this is the GR version of Nixon/Kennedy.  Seeing the two candidates on a split screen is absolutely ridiculous.

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Canvassed for four hours in 90+ degree heat.  Felt dead and discouraged and awful the entire time, culminating in a five-minute long break under some tree in a church courtyard because I seriously thought my volunteer was done for.  Never again (until tomorrow at 3, when it probably WILL happen again).

Anyway, saw Electric Six.  Dick Valentine hung out at our table during the opener, which I did not realize until he was leaving (I was watching them), but apparently he was staring at my head.  Which is scary and titillating all at once.  But yeah, they were great, as always, and a lovely time was had by all.

And now… I have to sleep.  Because there is fracking research to be done in the morning and I am the one to do it.

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