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Campaign for champagne

Last night I attended a KARAOKE FUNDRAISER and was easily the youngest person in the room and everyone sang Beatles songs and my candidate was like, “Do you even know this music?” and I was like, “Duh.  Obviously…” and it was live-band karaoke and their guitarist was awful and I wanted to usurp him.

Also, the candidate the fundraiser was for sang “With a Little Help From My Friends” and it made the future communications director in me have a mini-freakout.

In other news:  my CM is still gone and I am seriously considering just being like, “Yo, just fire him, c’mon…” but I am also terrified.

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Today was… a day.

Today was All-Important Interview Day.  I wasn’t really sure what to wear, considering it was more like a volunteer/interview sesh, so I thought I could get away with black jeans, but eventually I decided to be overdressed instead of underdressed and changed into dress pants… in an Arby’s bathroom.  This is after I texted Erin to ask if I could change at her apartment (which was on the way), and apparently this wasn’t weird to Erin (thank God), but alas, she was not home.

So I rolled into the interview and there was one guy there and he was NOT the guy I was supposed to see.  I explained and he was like, “Oh… umm, he’s in New York until like, next week…” I was immediately shocked and found the e-mail on my phone and read it to him and he was like, “Clearly this isn’t your fault and it’s his mistake, you can stay and help me do research!”

I stayed.  And researched.  And the other guy who was supposed to know about my interview came in and was like, “Oh yeah, his bad, he’ll be here next week to sit down with you…” and I was like, “This is all kind of ridiculous,” but the candidate himself was like, “He needs to interview this girl…” so I’m a little conflicted.

Like… part of me feels a little jerked around, and I don’t know if it’s just because of the obvious miscommunication that went down today or what, but it makes me a little concerned.  But if it’s looking like I could potentially get hired, then I feel like I should stay with it.  This has a lot of potential, and it could be a really excellent start for me.

I should have known today was going to be weird when I heard Celine Dion in that Arby’s bathroom while I changed.  How ominous.

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