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  • Dana is becoming such a little Lost superfan.  She’s cycling through the seasons on Netflix (she’s on season 3) and she wants to talk about the island and everything and it’s adorable.  I like being able to watch old episodes with someone who hasn’t watched before.  She’s totes going to be Team Benry, too.
  • Whilst also at Dana’s we played video games, like we do, and in between turns Joe was flying a remote control helicopter around.  I love them.
  • May have gone to Applebee’s after work with coworkers.  May have stared all dreamy-like at Jon Huntsman when he was interviewed on CNN.  Am obviously very deserving of the awkward looks I received from everyone.  Don’t really care.

"Dragon Tattoo" AND holiday paycheck tomorrow!?  New Year’s Day off!?  NYE party plans in full swing!?  This is shaping up to be an excellent weekend already.

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