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The Shins = Perfect

The Shins were awesome.  Like… beyond awesome.  I was thinking beforehand, “Please open with ‘Caring is Creepy’ or something similarly perfect,” and then they opened with it and I died.  James Mercer is SO talented and awkwardly hilarious and sexy and guhhh I just love them/him/everything.  Amazing show!

And then my two oldest friends and I somehow shared a king-sized bed without any discomfort whatsoever.  We’re awesome like that.

And now I’m home.  My rent is apparently late, and I have to go to work.  Good times.

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I think I died a little when I saw this because… really?  C’mon.  How perfect of a scenario is that?  

Especially for me, considering that The Shins and WTFPod are like, two of the five things I religiously talk about (also:  politics, puppies and Mad Men.)

Anyway, it was perfection, and I love them and think that we should all probably go bowling together or something.  With Aimee Mann, because apparently she’s Maron’s neighbor?  I have no idea.  But all of that sounds great.

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Saturday Niiiiiight

May or may not have just applied to work for Martha Stewart Living.

…I’m at that point.  I guess I feel like if I just keep applying for things, someone will call me.  That’s how it works, right?

I also may have teared up slightly while listening to the new Shins album, which is currently on its third repeat play of the evening.  And Andrea and I got into a Facebook argument with a number of people on why Boba Fett is better than Obi Wan.

This is my life.  These are my choices.

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I picked up the new Shins album before class today.  I then drove to class with my windows down and the album blasting (in March!  IN MICHIGAN!), in this weird sort-of James Mercer-induced crack-high.  Occasionally I would exclaim aloud, “THIS IS SO EFFING GOOD!”  Because it was.  I then called like, three people and shared this fact with them as well.

Anyway, yeah.  It’s good.  It’s probably all I’m listening to this spring.  I’m even considering just getting tickets for the show in June despite my plans to be out of the state by then.  I’ll just tell my future employer that I have a family thing that day and have to go back to Michigan.  They’ll understand.

On another, much more negative note, the entire text server for my cell phone provider is down today, which means I haven’t received or been able to send any texts today.  What fun!

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