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Mom and sister are coming to visit!

I’m really excited!

However, in Michigan we don’t have tolls.  Illinois has tolls.  They called to ask me if they had to stop at every toll or if they could just drive through like most of the other cars were.

So basically… they’ve been flowing with IPASS traffic and not paying a single toll the entire way.  THE ENTIRE WAY.  *Facepalm*

I love ‘em.  Time to get online and check out what their total is.

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Campaign for champagne

Last night I attended a KARAOKE FUNDRAISER and was easily the youngest person in the room and everyone sang Beatles songs and my candidate was like, “Do you even know this music?” and I was like, “Duh.  Obviously…” and it was live-band karaoke and their guitarist was awful and I wanted to usurp him.

Also, the candidate the fundraiser was for sang “With a Little Help From My Friends” and it made the future communications director in me have a mini-freakout.

In other news:  my CM is still gone and I am seriously considering just being like, “Yo, just fire him, c’mon…” but I am also terrified.

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You guys, this new Muse song.


It’s legit worse than “Neutron Star Collision,” which is sort of weird to even think about.  I’m so disappointed, particularly because the song they were using in the trailer for “The 2nd Law” sounded so damn cool.

I’m going to keep telling myself it’s cheesalicious on purpose because it’s the theme for the Olympics, but oh my God.  It’s so bad.

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