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Everyone is leaving town this weekend for Memorial Day and I’m just like, “Hey!  I’m going to be alone and will probably drink Moscow Mules and watch all the David Lynch I can possibly watch in your absence!”

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This is my last week in my current job

I’m moving eight hours away for a promotion in both title and pay and am hoping to god that I don’t fuck my entire life plan up, though everyone that I care about here has assured me that I have their support 100 percent, and even when I told them my main goal was to come back here eventually they were like, “Alright!”

So basically… I think I’m ok.  But I’m having a lot of fear/anger/regret and I know that’s natural but oof.  

Anyway… we’ve had a good run here, and I’m excited to see what’s in store for me in the future.  I’m just having a hard time shaking the feeling that everything is going to be ok in the long run.

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Got into a pretty nasty car wreck today with one of my coworkers.  We were in her soft-top SUV.  The wind blew us into the guard wires, we flipped, and somewhere in the jumble the passenger window broke out and my arm ended up trapped under the car.  It hurt, and for a brief moment I figured I was going to have to cut it off like that James Franco movie, but thankfully Stephanie got out of the car and, with the help of some amazing folks who stopped, lifted the car enough for me to get my arm out.

One trip to the ER later and I found out I miraculously broke no bones or dislodged any major tendons or anything.  I’m in pain, my arm is pretty cut up and swollen, and I have a handy-dandy sling, but I’m going to be ok.

I’m shaken, though.  And extremely, EXTREMELY thankful that people stopped and helped us and called the police.  Things could have been much worse.  We are very lucky.

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