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The Guy Who Yelled at Me: Part 2

My newest all-star vol just leaned over and was like, “Hey, this guy wants to talk to someone…” so I picked up the phone and realized it was the guy who made me cry on Friday.

I did not cede any ground.  When he started yelling at me, I hung up on him (my boss assured me I could do this).  

He then called the general office, and Field Director talked with him for about 10 minutes, followed by then going off on him for making me cry on Friday (and apparently calling me “some dumb girl”), and then hanging up.

I feel victorious in this situation.

Haters gonna hate.

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Debate 2

My heart was beating like a hummingbird.  Pure adrenaline.  And I was only in the green room.  Debates are intense.

No but seriously, I am SO PROUD of my candidate and his ability to keep his cool and stay on the offensive while still offering up substantive and thorough answers for what he plans to do.  He’s got the goods, for sure.  I just hope everyone else sees that.

And seriously, I feel like this is the GR version of Nixon/Kennedy.  Seeing the two candidates on a split screen is absolutely ridiculous.

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I was just called “reprehensible” while phonebanking.

Apparently anyone associated with this campaign are “reprehensible humans.”

That guy was such a sweetheart.  Real stand-up chap, that one.  I feel like “reprehensible” better describes someone who would yell at someone who identified themselves as a volunteer on the phone and tell them they were awful for associating themselves with a campaign.

EDIT:  Candidate was just endorsed by Planned Parenthood.  Jokes on you, Reprehensible Man!

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High $ Fundraiser Events, Yo

Tonight we had what was probably our largest fundraiser of the campaign, which was totally amazing.  They had valet parking.  VALET.  I valet-parked my 1997 Camry, complete with all my ridiculous bumper stickers and everything.  

Later, when they were getting my car so we could leave, there was a Porsche and a brand new Acura SUV chillin’ in the driveway, waiting for their owners.  And then there it came… my Camry.  In all of its glory.  Zero shame (ok, a little shame).

Anyway, Trev gave the most amazing speech, during which I began crying a little.  I was front row and I didn’t want him to see me, so I held it in and didn’t go all-out, but there were definite tears.  This is going to sound cheesy and awful and like a TV monologue, but I love my candidate.  Compromise often happens in politics, and yet, I’m not compromising on any of my views with this one.  He’s my perfect candidate, and he’s so inspiring and so damn energetic and he wants this SO much and I’m just continually impressed by him and his ability to be absolutely and completely genuine throughout this entire experience.  He’s only six years older than me, and I can’t fathom how he does it.  He’s seriously just the best person, and every time I have a conversation with him or watch him light up a room full of people with his words, I’m reminded why I chose this campaign.

Basically, long story short:  It sucks to be working for my perfect candidate on my first campaign job out of college.  Everyone else is going to have a hell of a lot to live up to.

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