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It has been such a long day…

…But such a great day, really.  Siiiiiiiigh.

Tonight’s “West Wing” marathon episodes included the one where Mandy wants Toby to help her get a new panda for the national zoo from China and at one point Toby was like, “Just call the ambassador to China and have him help you…” And I was totally like, “HUNTSMAAAAAN WHERE HAVE YOU GONE!?”

But seriously, I hope at some point Jon Huntsman tried to get a panda.  Shrug.

On a more shallow, but still related, note:  Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman is the most adorable thing in the world.  Lawd.

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I seriously dislike Mitt Romney more than I dislike Betty Draper/Hilly Holbrook

And if you’ve ever heard my rant about how much I dislike Betty Draper/Hilly Holbrook, then you know that is a LOT of dislike.

I just cannot, New Hampshire.

Also, Huntsman, wtf was that speech!?  Why did you say “Ladies and gentlemen!” like, twice every sentence!?  Why are you still so ridiculously optimistic!?  Do you need a speechwriter, hon?  Because I’m here and I can help you with that.

It occurs to me that this must be how sports fans feel when their team loses.  Oh well.

(It also occurs to me that I shouldn’t care, but I don’t know, I sort-of like to think that both major political parties will put up legitimate candidates and even though I’m still an Obama supporter, I like feeling like the other side is marginally sane too?  Or something?  I don’t know.)

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  • Dana is becoming such a little Lost superfan.  She’s cycling through the seasons on Netflix (she’s on season 3) and she wants to talk about the island and everything and it’s adorable.  I like being able to watch old episodes with someone who hasn’t watched before.  She’s totes going to be Team Benry, too.
  • Whilst also at Dana’s we played video games, like we do, and in between turns Joe was flying a remote control helicopter around.  I love them.
  • May have gone to Applebee’s after work with coworkers.  May have stared all dreamy-like at Jon Huntsman when he was interviewed on CNN.  Am obviously very deserving of the awkward looks I received from everyone.  Don’t really care.

"Dragon Tattoo" AND holiday paycheck tomorrow!?  New Year’s Day off!?  NYE party plans in full swing!?  This is shaping up to be an excellent weekend already.

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Oop, pause, Jon Huntsman is on Letterman

Republicrush!  Look at you being all GQ and stuff!

Ok, so I feel like all my fellow liberal friends judge me hardcore when I talk about how much I love Jon Huntsman, but I do.  I mean, I can’t/won’t vote for him, because I’m a pretty liberal person myself and I certainly don’t agree with him on everything, but he’s cute and I appreciate his cuteness and charm and he has mad FoPo experience AND his sanity, which, at the very least puts him ahead of every other GOP candidate right now.

Plus he has mad-cool eyebrow skills.  And plays piano.  So basically he’s kind of perf sometimes.  But no worries, I worked for Barry and Barry will forever have my vote.

…omg he’s playing piano with Paul Shaffer.  Stop your foxiness, Huntsman!

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